Ice and snow melting

ECOFLOOR electric heating systems are extremely successful and efficient in heating outdoor areas – stairs, alleys, loading ramps, garages, parking lots. The use of heating cables allows the construction of flexible systems for external electric heating – complete areas,car tracks or according to the needs of the project, removing the accumulated snow and preventing icing. The most common application is the heating of ramps or loading platforms in factories and warehouses, where ice prevention systems can reduce the risk of accidents.

The heating cable/mat can be installed in all types of materials – concrete, asphalt, sand. However, the construction and installation of the heating elements must be in accordance with the load on the alley. If it is pedestrian, the cables can be installed within the supporting sand layer. In high-traffic lanes, the cables must be installed in a layer of concrete or asphalt.


  • Alley and sidewalk heating
  • Heating of loading ramps
  • Heating of parking lots
  • Heating of stairs
  • Car tracks heating

We offer durable heating cables with full protection screening, double insulation and UV protection. The heating cables are designed with great mechanical resistance and offer outputs up to 40 W/m.

For the correct and efficient operation of the heating system we offer high quality thermostats and controls for a precise automated control.


  • Preventing the forming of icy surfaces
  • Guaranteed safety of pedestrians and vehicles
  • No manual snow removal
  • Energy efficient and maintenance-free operation
  • Invisible solution for removing ice and snow