Infrared heating

Radiant heating panels transmit heat mainly by radiating it. Their principle of action is very similar to the emission of solar energy, which warms the surface of objects and people in the room. This is a gentle, natural and comfortable heating system that has many advantages over conventional convection systems. In traditional heating, the air is heated mainly, which in turn transfers heat, while in infrared heating the heat flow is directed mainly to the heating of the objects and people themselves.

The radiated heat flow hit by the objects (walls, furniture, floor) is partly reflected by them (approximately 15%), but its main part (approximately 85%) is absorbed by the objects on which it fell. In this way the radiated energy is converted into heat energy (objects are heated) and with the increase of the temperature of the objects on the surface, when the temperature of the object is higher than the air temperature, the heat is transferred by convection – the air is heated by the warm objects

Chose your infrared heating

Industrial infrared heating

High temperature infrared panels for industrial and architectural applications – heating of large open space, workshops, production halls, gyms, warehouses.

Domestic infrared heating

Low temperature infrared panels for residential and non-residential buildings.

Infrared saunas

Infrared heating panels for use in electric saunas.

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