Domestic infrared heating

The principle of operation of low-temperature radiant heating is very similar to solar radiation. It transfers heat mainly by radiating it, thus people and objects are heated directly, and warming the air is a secondary effect. This makes the radiant system much more efficient and economical, as a comfortable environment is achieved at a lower air temperature and in a very short period of time. Radiant panels and nano foil work completely silently and odorlessly and do not emit any visible light. We offer a wide range of radiant panels – glass, ceramic, designer panels with images, panels with special thermocrystalline coatings.

Complete radiant heating

For complete radiant heating, the heat loss of the room must first be calculated before determining which panels to install. For the cases in which the clients do not have a project for the heat losses of the room they want to heat, it is possible to install the power required to be installed, roughly depending on the volume (m3) of the room:

  • For rooms up to 100m3 you need to provide approximately 45W / m3
  • For rooms from 100m3 – 500m3 you need to provide approximately 35W / m3
  • For rooms from 500m3 – 1000m3 you need to provide approximately 30W / m3
  • For rooms over 1000m3 – 25W / m3

These are rough calculations(when heat losses are not known) and it is quite possible to achieve comfort with lower power or you need a little higher power than indicated, it all depends on the insulation parameters of your room.

Infrared panels have a flat radiating surface. Unlike high-temperature panels, here the surface of the heating element reaches a maximum temperature of 110 ° C. The radiated flux density is lower. The recommended installation height of the panels is 2.5-3.8 m.


  • Heating of residential, public and administrative buildings and offices
  • Heating of warehouses, shops, malls
  • Heating of stationary workplaces
  • Heating of churches
  • Heating of dog kennels
  • Designer infrared heating
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