Underfloor heating

The electric underfloor heating system ensures ideal heat distribution in the rooms and, thanks to the reduced air circulation, significantly reduces dust levels. The heating system offers high comfort, economical and reliable operation, long life. It allows maximum utilization of the available floor and wall areas from the missing standard heating appliances. Our products provide an opportunity to build the system under different types of floors – under tiles, parquet, laminate, both in dry rooms and in wet rooms. The electric floor heating from provides extremely easy and individual temperature control in the individual rooms. Whether you use electric underfloor heating for central heating or for extra comfort, the system provides extremely easy and individual temperature control in all rooms.

Choose your underfloor heating

Underfloor heating with heating cables

The heating cables are ideal in terms of price, usability, and functionality of the heating system under tiles.

Underfloor heating with heating foil

The ideal solution for underfloor heating system, when we want to combine with wooden or laminate flooring – parquet, laminate, vinyl parquet.

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