Underfloor heating with heating cables

ECOFLOOR heating cables are extremely high quality, with high mechanial resistance. They are produced under very strict quality control and meet all European standards for quality and safety. The cables provide an comfortable heating solution and the flexibility of the loose cabling system makes it possible to heat the maximum floor area including hard to reach areas.

When building underfloor heating, we recommend a minimum of 6 cm thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene , in cases where the floor is still being constructed. When renovating a finished floor , we offer double-reinforced thermal insulation F-Board with a thickness of 6 mm, when the floor level cannot be raised. The GRUFAST cable fix is available for attaching the heating cables. For the proper functioning of the system and the precise control of the temperature, we offer a wide range of extremely high-quality thermostats.


  • Radiant underfloor heating under tiled floor
  • Heating mats for easy underfloor heating in small areas – bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Main heat source or heating for added comfort
  • Very long life and maintenance-free operation
  • Energy saving solution
  • Precise control of each room

Heating cables

The advantages of heating cables are the great freedom of installation (in moving or non-standard rooms, fixed furniture is easily avoided), variations in power and low price. The installation of underfloor heating requires manual adjustment of the step and fixing the cables to the base.

Heating mats

The heating mats offer easy installation and even heat distribution over the entire floor surface. The mats have pre-distributed coils on a supporting net with self-adhesive layer along their entire length, which greatly facilitates the installation of the system. The mats are a ideal solution for easy installation of underfloor heating in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway.

Underfloor heating kits

The installation kits are designed for consumers who do not want full electric floor heating, but want to have a comfortable warm floor in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. The kits contain everything you need to install an underfloor heating system, tailored to attractive prices.

Basic principles and requirements

  • A distance of at least 5 cm from peripheral walls must be provided.
  • The heating cable should not be laid under fixed furniture and massive objects – kitchen appliances, bathtubs, shower cabins, fixed toilets.
  • Minimum 6 cm thermal insulation and 3 cm reinforced screed or the specialized reinforced thermal insulation F-BOARD.
  • Heating cables cannot be not cut, lengthened or shortened.
  • The heating cables must not be tangled
  • The heating cables should be at least 5 cm apart
  • The floor sensor of the thermostat is placed at an equal distance between the cables.
  • It is recommended to place the sensor in a corrugated tube.
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