Mirror Demisters

The ECOFILM MHF heating foil offers the perfect and safe protection against fogging of mirrors. It works at low temperatures, protecting the mirror from damage or overheating.

Thanks to the self-adhesive surface on one side of the foil, it easily sticks to the back of the mirror, which makes installation extremely quick and easy. Due to its low power, the energy consumed is an insignificant fact compared to your comfort.


  • Safe operation – The heating foil works at low temperatures so that it cannot overheat or be damaged.
  • Low power consumption – Compared to low power, power consumption is negligible.
  • Quick and easy installation – The foil has an adhesive coating (protected with paper), which serves for its easy gluing to the back of the mirror. The foil can be connected to the lighting in the bathroom.
  • Lack of maintenance – Once installed, the film does not need any maintenance over time.
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