Underfloor heating with heating foil

Infrared heating foil is the ideal solution for electric underfloor heating system when we want to combine with wooden or laminated flooring – parquet, laminate, vinyl parquet. The parameters of the foil guarantee the observance of important restrictions of the floor materials. Thanks to the small thickness of the foil (only 0.4 mm), the floor level is maintained to the maximum. The foil works absolutely silently and odorless, and does not require any maintenance. It comes with a 10-year warranty, but its life is much longer.

The foil is produced on rolls with a width of 600 mm. Thanks to the special material that makes up the heating foil, it can be cut every 10 mm to achieve the exact desired path length. The foil paths are placed over the entire area and are connected in parallel by cables with connectors. It is necessary to place thermal insulation under the foil, which eliminates the need for parquet / laminate underlay. The installation of the flooring is possible directly after the installation of the heating system.

The operating temperature is precisely controlled compared to other types of heating (water floor heating) and so it is possible to achieve accurate and easy control of the set comfortable and economical temperatures over time. Precision control saves money (reducing the temperature by 1 ° C reduces costs by about 6%) and creates a stable and comfortable ambient temperature.

The ECOFILM F underfloor heating foil can be purchased per linear meter, and the ECOFILM Set is pre-prepared in different lengths. AL MAT heating networks are designed for installation under laminate or wooden “floating” floors. They are a variant of the ECOFILM F heating foil, designed for applications for which the foils cannot be used. They are suitable for installation in wet rooms.

Basic principles and requirements

  • The heating strips must not overlap or be placed on top of each other.
  • The foil can be shortened to the length of the provided space.
  • The width of the foil must not be shortened.
  • When building underfloor heating, at least a 5 cm indentation from peripheral walls must be provided.
  • The heating foil should not be placed under solid furniture that is not on its feet.
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