• Infrared panel for industrial heating
  • Heating of farms, workshops, greenhouses
  • High degree of protection
  • Safe, Efficient and economical way of working


Infrared radiant panel with wide application in industrial heating – heating of workshops, heating of farms and animals, heating of greenhouses, heating during drying of buildings. The front side of the panel is equipped with a unique surface treatment with a granular structure, which significantly increases the radiant surface and is characterized by the highest efficiency in radiating heat radiation. The radiant panels are designed for ceiling mounting, direct mounting (additional mounting frames are available) or hanging mounting. The surface temperature of the panel is approximately 100-110 ° C. The height of the installation depends on the purpose and the expected ambient temperature. The ECOSUN IN, IN-2 infrared panels have a degree of protection IP66, and the ECOSUN IN-2 panel is EEx 2 certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product range

Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended clearance Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg] [m] [pcs]
ECOSUN 750 IKP 750 230 IP 54 1192 x 592 x 30 8.6 2.5-3.0 20 5401177
ECOSUN 700 IN 700 IP 66 1192 x 592 x 30 8.7 2.8-3.3 20 5401181
ECOSUN 700 IN-2 700 IP 65/E Ex 2 3.0-3.5 20 5401186
Ceiling fixing frame for IN, IN-2 5401190
Ceiling fixing frame for IKP 5401191
Supports for ECOSUN 750 IKP 5401193