Infrared heating panel ECOSUN Short

  • Infrared radiant panels for industrial heating
  • Heating of halls, warehouses, factories, gyms, large rooms
  • High temperature radiation
  • For complete or zone heating
  • Efficient way of working


ECOSUN Short – high temperature radiant panel for industrial and architectural applications – heating of halls and warehouses, heating of factories and workplaces, industrial heating, heating of sports halls. The panel is a variant of ECOSUN S +, but is smaller. It is used for zone or complete heating in rooms that do not allow the installation of larger panels.

Product range

Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended installation Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg] [pcs]
ECOSUN S+ 06 short 600 230 IP 44 650x250x60 4.0 According to individual conditions,
for full area
5 – 8 m,
zonal 3.4 – 4.5 m
68 5401537
ECOSUN S+ 08 short 850 5401538