Infrared heating panel ECOSUN K+

  • Extremely suitable for stationary workplaces – office desks, cash registers, security booths, benches, etc.
  • Ideal for heating dog houses and kennels
  • Designed for vertical mounting or ceiling mounting with an additional frame
  • Economical operation with powers from 100 W – 400 W
  • Safe and efficient with overheating protection


ECOSUN K + radiant panels are universal low-temperature panels. Extremely suitable for heating stationary workplaces, office desks and administrative premises, as well as for heating dog houses kennels. They offer a very economical way of working with power starting from 100W. They are designed for vertical installation, but additional mounting frames for hanging on the ceiling are also available. The panels are available in brown color, with thermocrystalline coating, for better distribution of radiation. Radiant panels do not require maintenance, and have a temperature limiter to protect against overheating.

Product range

Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended clearance Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg] [m] [pcs]
ECOSUN 100 K+ 100 230 IP 44 500 × 320 × 30 2.1 vertical or horizontal position 45 5401200
ECOSUN 200 K+ 200 750 × 320 × 30 3.1 45 5401205
ECOSUN 270 K+ 270 1000 × 320 × 30 3.9 30 5401210
ECOSUN 330 K+ 330 1250 × 320 × 30 5.4 30 5401215
ECOSUN 400 K+ 400 1500 × 320 × 30 6.4 30 5401220

Heating of inpatient workplaces

The entire range of ECOSUN K + panels is suitable for heating office desks, cash registers in shops, security booths and other stationary workplaces. A convenient place for their installation is under the desk or directly behind the workplace. With powers between 100 – 400 W, the panels are significantly more economical than the most commonly used fan heaters.

Heating of dog houses and kennels

The 100W and 200W versions of the ECOSUN K + panels, with their small size and low power, are ideally suited for heating dog houses. The panels are protected from overheating, and the way they work does not pose danger to your pet. They are extremely easy to install, but should never be installed on the floor of the hut.

Heating in churches

ECOSUN K + radiant panels are an ideal solution for heating benches in churches and other rooms with similar seats. They are placed on the back of the benches, providing thermal comfort to the people in the back row. The low consumption of the panels makes them suitable for the economical heating of a large number of people.