Infrared heating panel ECOSUN TH

  • Infrared radiant panels for zonal heating
  • Heating of winter gardens, closed balconies and terraces, garden tents, churches
  • Stylish black matte finish
  • Mounting on the ceiling or wall at an angle


ECOSUN TH infrared radiant panels designed for zonal heating of winter gardens, indoor and roof balconies and terraces, garden tents, churches and others, where they are protected from direct contact with the weather. The surface of the panels and heating lamellas is matte black in color, and the panels are equipped with a two-meter connecting cable with a plug. The panels are also available with tilting mounting brackets for wall mounting at an angle. The minimum height at which such panels can be installed is 1.8 m above the floor (lower edge of the panel); for ceiling-mounted panels, there must be a minimum gap of 30 cm between the ceiling and the top edge of the panel.

Product range

Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended clearance Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg] [m] [pcs]
TH 1000 1000 230 IP 45 1080 x 140 x 45 4.1 min. 1.8 m 68 5401350
TH 1500 1500 1580 x 140 x 45 6.3 68 5401353
Group bracket for 3 x TH 5401780
Group bracket for 2 x TH 5401779
Protective grille for TH 1000 5401781
Protective grille for TH 1500 5401782