Infrared heating panel ECOSUN U

  • Universal low temperature infrared panel
  • For direct ceiling or suspended ceiling mounting or vertical wall mounting
  • Ideal for residential buildings, offices and other workplaces

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The universal radiant panels ECOSUN U offer ideal thermal comfort in residential, office and other types of work premises. They are designed for installation in a horizontal position just below the ceiling structure or for direct installation in a suspended ceiling. This position allows to achieve the highest efficiency and intensity of solar radiation. The radiation of the panel is further enhanced by the thermocrystalline coating.

ECOSUN U panels are equipped with insulation on their back surface, with built-in protection against overheating and do not pose any danger to the ceiling structure or surrounding objects.

Product range

Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended clearance Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg] [m] [pcs]
ECOSUN 300 U 300 230 IP 44 592 x 592 x 30 5.0 min. 2.5 m 40 5401037
ECOSUN 600 U 600 1192 x 592 x 30 9.4 min. 2.5 m 20 5401047
ECOSUN 700 U 700 9.4 min. 2.7 m 20 540117