EBERLE EM 524 89

  • Single-zone microprocessor control for anti-ice and snow systems
  • Fully automatic control of the heating system
  • Designed to work with humidity sensors and temperature sensors
  • Achieving up to 80% energy savings
  • Set standard programs
  • LCD display

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Microprocessor control for regulation of anti-ice and snow systems – heating systems for roofs, gutters and downspouts and outdoor heating systems. The control offers a very precise mode of operation by working with a temperature sensor and an ice and snow sensor for both ground or roof areas. The control of the heating systems in this way reaches up to 80% energy savings. Standard operating programs, temperature and humidity settings, operating hours, temperature indicator, delayed automatic shutdown and more are provided.

Technical information

Rating: IP 20
Switched current: 16 A
Temperature range – room:
Temperature range – sensor: -20 … 6°C
Temperature attenuation:
Heating indicator light: On display
Switch: Yes