Heating foil ECOFILM F

Heating foil for underfloor heating under laminate, wood parquet, vinyl parquet.

  • Safe, economical and efficient way of working
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Suitable for most laminate and engineered hardwood floors
  • No need for maintenance
  • Foil thickness only 0.4 mm


Heating foil for electric floor heating. It works absolutely silently and odorlessly, and does not require any maintenance. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and its life is much longer. It is produced with a power of 60 W / m2, recommended for wooden floors, and with a power of 80 W / m2, recommended for laminate flooring. The active width of the foil is 50 cm, and there are also 5 cm non-heating strips for attachment to the floor structure, and my thickness is only 0.4 mm. The full width of the foil is 60 cm. Once the infrared foil has been cut to the desired length and strips, according to the respective room plan, the ends of each strip must be insulated with insulating tape and wired with a power cord using a special crimping tool, terminals and terminal insulation. It is necessary to place thermal insulation (depron) under the foil, which eliminates the substrate under the flooring. The installation of the flooring is possible directly after the installation of the heating system.

The heating foil for underfloor heating is available in variants:

  • 60 W / m2 and width 600mm.
  • 80 W / m2 and width 600mm

Product range

Product Total width Active width Output [W/m²] Output [W/m]
ECOFILM F 608/55 600 550 80 W/ m² 44
ECOFILM F 606/55 600 550 60 W/ m² 33

 Basic principles and requirements

  • The heating strips should not overlap or be placed on top of each other
  • The foil may be shortened to the length of the space provided
  • The width of the foil must not be shortened
  • When building underfloor heating, at least 5 cm indentation from peripheral walls must be provided
  • The heating foil should not be placed under solid furniture that is not on feet