Heating cable ADSV 18 W/m

Heating cable for electric underfloor heating under tiles.

  • Full protective screen for use in dry or wet rooms
  • For new construction or floor repair
  • Efficient, economical and safe


The heating cable for electric underfloor heating under tiles is available in different lengths with a power of 18 W / m, with a diameter of 3.4 – 4.2 mm. The cable is two-wire, ie. it has a connecting cable at only one end, which allows both ends to end in different places in the room. The cable is created with a full protective screen, which makes it extremely suitable for both dry and wet rooms. Underfloor heating with a heating cable provides great freedom in the construction of the system, as the manual laying of the cable allows for an individual approach to non-standard rooms, as well as easy bypassing of fixed furniture.

Product range

Product Output [W] Length [m]
ADSV 18160 160 8.50
ADSV 18260 260 14.50
ADSV 18320 320 18.50
ADSV 18420 420 24.00
ADSV 18520 520 28.40
ADSV 18600 600 34.4
ADSV 18680 680 37.9
ADSV 18830 830 46.1
ADSV 181000 1000 57.5
ADSV 181200 1200 68.9
ADSV 181500 1500 83.2
ADSV 181700 1700 100.4
ADSV 182200 2200 122.7
ADSV 182600 2600 149.6

Basic principles and requirements

  • When building underfloor heating, a distance of at least 5 cm from peripheral walls must be provided
  • The heating cable should not be laid under fixed furniture and massive objects – kitchen appliances, bathtubs, shower cabins, fixed toilets, etc.
  • Minimum 6 cm thermal insulation and 3 cm screed or the specialized reinforced thermal insulation F-BOARD 6/10 mm
  • The heating cable cannot be cut or shortened.
  • The heating cables must not be intertwined
  • Cables should not be less than 5 cm apart
  • The floor sensor of the thermostat of your choice is placed at an equal distance between the heating cables.